Sunday, February 26, 2017

Warlock by Max Mini

Another Max Mini purchased at the same time as the Goblin Hunter. Another very nice miniature. Very little flash that is easily removed with a craft knife. Again a well designed model that looks easy to paint with plenty of depth and details. I plan on using this as a Generic Evil Overlord for the bad guys in the future!
 Nicely sculpted with great character
 Skull on the scabbard is a nice touch
 Horns might be a bit fragile in heavy game play
Head and arms plug in easily to the body

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Goblin Hunter by Max Mini

Late last year I came across this Limited Edition Goblin Hunter figure produced by Max Mini in Poland. One look and I just had to have this! Shipping was pretty fast and I was not disappointed. Model is very cleanly cast with only very small amounts of flash on small portions of the side I had to try to find and a little on the torch. Detail is amazing! Tons of character and good animation. Sculpted with plenty of relief it should take paint extremely well. This is cast in resin so though the crossbow may be somewhat prone to breakage it's not going to break in a stiff breeze.
Goblin Hunter front from Max Mini


Very nice detailing on the top of his  hat

Arms with Torch and Crossbow seem to fit fairly well but might need some crease filling
Separate arms

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

High Elf Army

I was talking the other day with a friend of mine about a large Warhammer army for sale on Ebay. I commented that I had a High Elf army that would rival its size. It is really a  shame that the decision was made to discontinue many of these models and most of these pictured here are now out of print. My friend said I should get some pics of it. So John, this post is for you! 
 Here's the group shot. OK, I don't remember having 4 Battalion Box sets! Thought I only had 3.
 A good deal of this was bought when GW announced they were going to discontinue many of the models. GW was good enough to produce enough to fill the last second requests using the generic white boxes.
 A close up of some of the "Character" models.
 Allareille and 2 of her Maiden Guard.
 I have 3 of these sets as well.

 White box: High Elf Bolt Thrower x 4
 White box: Prince Imrik on Dragon
White Box: Prince Tyrion

Sunday, January 31, 2016

January's progress

While I did not manage to get any painting done this month I was able to complete quite a few models for my Goblin army.

4 Wolf Chariots (i'll need to pin the crew in place)
6 River Trolls
3 Rock Lobba's

100 Night Goblin archers
20 Night Goblin spears
6 Night Goblin fanatics

These are all regular box models. Nothing from the Skull Pass sets.

I still have more to build & then I'll prime everything black in one shot with my airbush.

GW Goblin Wolf Chariot

While taking a break after assembling 3 of my 4 GW goblin chariots I had read a post on The Miniatures page about whether or not Games Workshop products were offering great value these days, specifically in their new "Start Collecting!" bundle deals.

Shortly after that I began work on chariot number 4.  I had picked these up on ebay over the years so each one was produced in a different year and therefore had different packaging.  As I opened up the box I noticed immediately that this one had much more content and much better presentation which with each box one or two things were omitted.

3 of my four boxes had the old red outer box.  This the oldest one was the only one to have this really nice inner box with printed art on it.  Stuff like this really helps get the imagination growing.  Seeing all those different armies in the pic can really entice you into collecting the army.

The kit also included an assembly guide and a nice color mini-catalog.  Again, this was the only set to include any instructions besides the diagram on the outside of the box.

Lots of helpful advice for the beginner on what tools you'll need.

Well presented tips and advice for assembly.

Tons of color pics and a nice introduction into their product line.  Ah, the days before the internet!

Flip side was not in English but a few nice pics.

Finally, a set of flags that don't seem to be in the newer kits.

So, after assembling all 4 of these sets in a week it was like watching a time lapse movie and realizing that there seemed to be progressively less in each box.  And I believe the latest ones on offer are now made of resin instead of metal.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

10mm Napoleonic Russians

Hello, today I am posting some pics of a 10mm Old Glory Russian army that I had painted on commission.  I very happy with how these turned out.  They are very well detailed for such small figures.  Each battalion is comprised of three stands of two strips of five figures each for the infantry and 4 stands of 4 figures for each cavalry regiment.

First up, the infantry.

Folled up by the cavalry.

And finally a lot of artillery to back them up.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Warhammer Goblins

I've been working on an all goblin army for Warhammer for a few years now.  I'm almost done with this batch now.  Just a few bits to paint here 'n' there and yes, I've not yet put the heads on.  I left them off so that I can paint the details more easily.  So for now, they look a little like an army of thumbs thumbs.